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Lifeline’s in-center hemodialysis treatment option provides high quality dialysis for people with kidney problems. In this treatment, patients schedule three four-hour sessions per week at a the center, where they receive care from our highly trained kidney care professionals. Patients prefer this option because it allows for social interactions with fellow patients and staff, and because it only requires treatment three times a week, leaving four free days.

Once at Lifeline, the healthcare team takes care of all aspects of treatment, including monitoring the patient's vital signs, connecting them to the dialysis machine, and recording their progress. During their session, patients can engage in various activities such as reading, watching television, working on a laptop, or talking to other patients and staff.

The care team at Lifeline's center is highly trained and provides personal care and attention to patients, often becoming an extension of their family. The goal of the treatment is to help patients maximize their quality of life and build a good support system.

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